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Puzzle Depot is a box-pushing, bug-squishing, problem-solving adventure. Assemble an eccentric cast of characters to tackle the Depot's devious rooms and deadly foes, or bring out your inner mad scientist with a robust World Editor. Inspired by classic box-pushing puzzlers such as Sokoban and The Adventures of Lolo, Puzzle Depot brings new mechanics and light RPG elements to the genre. Solve the Depot's puzzles, and you might just save the human race from extinction!

Puzzle Depot is Laughing Manatee's first game, currently in production. We are releasing on PC through Steam and initially, with plans for other platforms to follow. Follow our Twitter or keep an eye on the Kickstarter page for updates!


A shocking number of object interactions! Many ways to succeed... many ways to fail!

Explore ruins, caves, laboratories, and more. New dangers lurk around every corner!

Discover new creatures and characters across a variety of levels!


Check out the demo at!


Puzzle Depot's predecessor is a 2014 release called Depot Dungeons. Designed to emulate an old DOS game, it was built with the Megazeux game creation system and utilizes a ASCII-based graphical style. Due to the game's positive reception and a desire to further explore the mechanics, it was decided that a followup to Depot Dungeons would be the first official game created by newly-formed studio Laughing Manatee Games.

If you would like to play Depot Dungeons for yourself, it is freely available for download!

Depot Dungeons


The Puzzle Depot Kickstarter concluded successfully in October of 2015! Thanks to the generous contributions of our amazing community, we are able to bring this project to life. Although the Kickstarter is over, you can still help us out by sharing this page on social media and picking up the game when it is released.

The Kickstarter trailer, including some early gameplay footage.

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