Puzzle Depot is a box-pushing, bug-squishing puzzle/adventure game, currently in development by Laughing Manatee Games! Successfully funded on Kickstarter, this ambitious puzzler will be our first commercial release. Currently we are finishing our second round of external testing and working hard to finish the expansive campaign mode. In the meantime you can whet your appetite by downloading our free demo at itch.io, featuring the very first level of the campaign!

The full game will also include a fully-featured level editor for creating and sharing your own devious puzzles with other players. This is the same set of tools we are using to build the campaign levels, including the ability to add NPCs, dialogue, and script cutscenes. We're very excited to see what you crafty puzzlers come up with!

Initial release will be on itch.io, as well as Steam (release date is still to-be-announced... but we're getting there!). For more information and project updates, please check out our Kickstarter page for updates!


Challenge hundreds of meticulously designed rooms!

Discover a staggering number of object interactions!

Explore massive levels chock full of secrets!

Fresh new dangers lurk around every corner!

Lead an eccentric cast of characters in a desperate quest to save the human race from extinction!


Check out the demo at itch.io!


Puzzle Depot's predecessor is a 2014 release called Depot Dungeons. Designed to emulate an old DOS game, it was built with the Megazeux game creation system and utilizes a ASCII-based graphical style. Due to the game's positive reception and a desire to further explore the mechanics, it was decided that a followup to Depot Dungeons would be the first official game created by newly-formed studio Laughing Manatee Games.

If you would like to play Depot Dungeons for yourself, it is freely available for download!

Depot Dungeons


The Puzzle Depot Kickstarter concluded successfully in October of 2015! Thanks to the generous contributions of our amazing community, we are able to bring this project to life. Although the Kickstarter is over, you can still help us out by sharing this page on social media and picking up the game when it is released.

The Kickstarter trailer, including some early gameplay footage.

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